How to Start a Compare and Contrast Essay

A compare and contrast essay must consist of a thesis statement which introduces the two subjects of the comparison essay and declares what happens when you compare the two. The format of the thesis statement will depend on the subject, purpose and audience of the essay. The thesis statement should not be focused on the similarities between subjects but rather the relationship between them. This is also known as the hook of a compare and contrast essay.

A compare and contrast essay aims to find similarities and differences between two topics or literary works. Begin by choosing two or more topics to contrast and compare and then separate them into separate paragraphs. Make sure you include transition words in each paragraph. It’s easier to write an essay with transition words than to start writing from scratch. A compare and contrast essay must have a a five-paragraph structure.

While opposing subjects can be difficult to compare, it is important to provide background information that will help readers grasp the purpose of the essay. The introduction should answer questions readers might have regarding the topic. It should explain the importance of the topic. Also, take into consideration the perspective of the audience and the questions they may have. If possible, use a thesis statement that includes all of the relevant information from the two sources. It will be easier to write an essay on compare and contrast with this method.

One method to structure a compare and contrast essay is to employ a point-by-point approach. This is a method used for when you must compare more than two things. The first paragraph’s introduction introduces the subject followed by brief descriptions of their features. The following paragraph should back this assertion with specific arguments. If you want to compare two things, you could talk about the different ways they work.

The first step to write an essay on compare and contrast is to conduct research. You can select two subjects (e.g., a movie or book) and then arrange all the information into categories. You may employ a graphic organizer or good transition words to organize your information. You might also include uncommon information that convinces readers of the importance of your topic. That way, they’ll be more interested in your essay.

The contents of an essay on compare and contrast depends on the purpose of the paper. A compare and contrast essay should highlight the similarities and differences between two subjects. It helps readers better understand each topic. Instructors may also want to see the structure of the paper. You can either use other people’s ideas or develop your own. A good comparison essay can provide you with ideas for writing an essay on contrast and comparison.

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